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Industrial applications

HODT Korrosionsschutz

Industrial corrosion protection

FLUID FILM is used where other products can only be used to a limited extent or not at all

For manufacturing or industrial applications, FLUID FILM is used in such harsh environments as pulp mills, salt, fertilizer, cement and battery industrial plants.

In industry or manufacturing, FLUID FILM is used in unfavorable and difficult environments where manufacturing equipment and material are exposed to corrosive effects, such as paper processing, fertilizer production, cement plants and battery manufacturing.


Furthermore, FLUID FILM protects spare parts, raw, semi-finished and finished goods from corrosion during transport and storage.

Since FLUID FILM is made on the basis of wool grease and is environmental friendlier due to the absence of solvents, it helps to reduce the use of hazardous or harsh chemicals.

Due to its high creeping properties and yet good adhesion, FLUID FILM is ideally suited to protect high-quality metallic materials from corrosion. FLUID FILM penetrates rust, forms a film on metallic surfaces and thus prevents the emergence of new corrosion. In addition, it lubricates moving parts.

The simple application of FLUID FILM products and their relatively long corrosion protection effect thus have a positive effect on operating processes. Maintenance, repair and spare parts procurement can be reduced and costs can thus be reduced.


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Industrial Applications of Fluid Film

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Industrial applications



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DURATION: ca. 8 years (in closed cavities) |
PROCESSING: with conventional compressed air systems to heat the material to about 25 ° C or with airless systems

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