PERMA FILM Rostschutz



rust protection
and top coat
in one

PERMA FILM – the durable rust protection

In order to meet the increased requirements for the protection of ballast water tanks, we developed the product PERMA FILM and launched it on the market in 2000.
The surface-tolerant PERMA FILM coating was then certified by Germanischer Lloyd with a type approval for repair coatings in ballast water tanks. Due to the compatibility with deep penetrating FLUID FILM, the PERMA FILM system can work with a significantly lower surface preparation standard than with color coatings, which reduces the cost of repair by up to 80%.

PERMA FILM is a calcium sulphonate compound dissolved in resin, which offers a high level of passive corrosion protection. The FLUID FILM, which is the first to be thinly fogged, serves as an active primer, which penetrates existing rust and existing coatings into the structure of the material, shuts off oxygen and displaces existing residual moisture and acts as a link.
Due to the water-displacing property of the FLUID FILM, even a cost-intensive drying of the surfaces can be dispensed with. By combining FLUID FILM with PERMA FILM, a flexible active layer is formed with a grippy and abrasion-free surface, which provides optimal protection.