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Corrosion protection for Corrosion protection for wind turbines

Highly efficient corrosion protection for screws and gearboxes of wind turbines

Wind turbines are permanently exposed to different corrosion-promoting conditions. Moisture, salt water and the climate affect the steel. Due to the difficult accessibility, it is also very time-consuming to repair or replace parts. Corrosion protection should therefore be long-lasting and, due to the location of the plants, as environmentally friendly as possible.


Our product FLUID FILM, which is based on the raw material lanolin, contains no solvents and is therefore more environmentally friendly than other products. The natural ingredient effectively protects against salt and rainwater, has strong creeping properties and is also suitable as a slip agent and lubricant.
We recommend to apply FLUID FILM on all moving parts, such as the gearbox, gear fits and gears, screws, screw connections and nuts as well as threaded rods. This not only ensures long-lasting corrosion protection, but also counteracts any brittleness of these parts, which can result from the high dynamic load.

Corrosion protection for storage and transport
FLUID FILM also offers effective and reliable corrosion protection for the transport of steel parts as well as for medium to long-term storage. Due to the different viscosities, the right product can be selected depending on the intended use.

Easy to apply

With a brush or pressure cup gun, the product is very easy to apply.
For the preservation of the bores of the rotor hubs, we have even developed a special application device. Our product FLUID FILM Liquid AR, which we use successfully, can thus be applied quickly and precisely.


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VISCOSITY: low-medium (eg. like ketchup) |
DURATION: ca. 8 years (in closed cavities) |
PROCESSING: with conventional compressed air systems to heat the material to about 25 ° C or with airless systems

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