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HODT Korrosionsschutz



Motor vehicles offer a variety of attack surfaces for corrosion caused by weather, moisture or stone chipping. Especially where it is not visible – in cavities and on the underbody – the rust makes its way.

Cavity sealing and underbody protection treatment with high-quality corrosion protection products is therefore indispensable if you want to enjoy your vehicle for a longer period of time. HODT products ensure both the care and value retention of classic and classic cars.


Corrosion in the home and garden presents homeowners with a variety of challenges. FLUID FILM proves to be an indispensable helper here. Whether as rust protection for garden tools or for tools stored in the garage, FLUID FILM always reliably ensures that they are at all times ready for use. As a lubricant, it also makes a name for itself in the household. FLUID FILM eliminates squeaky doors, jamming locks or heavy-duty drawers in no time at all. The fact that it contains no solvents is particularly advantageous for use in the household. FLUID FILM is the solution for all rust problems around the house and garden.


In industry or the processing industry, FLUID FILM is used under extreme loads in which manufacturing plants and materials are exposed to corrosive effects, such as paper processing, fertilizer production and cement plants.

FLUID FILM protects spare parts, raw, semi-finished and finished goods during storage and transport.


In addition to water, fertilizers and pesticides are also used in agriculture. These can become a highly corrosive load for vehicles, equipment and material, which therefore require constant corrosion protection. Metals that do not have this protection have a shorter service life and are more often defective.

Especially in agriculture, where long-term and cost-intensive investments are needed, corrosion protection is a key element for maintenance and preservation.


Trucks must always be ready for use. A tight schedule designed to guarantee that customers receive their goods on time does not allow for delays.  And this despite the fact that trucks in particular are exposed to enormous loads. Miles of driving through rain, road salt, dust and mud lead to aggravated corrosion problems on car bodies. In addition, electrical connections and trailer cabling regularly fail due to the extraordinary stress. Permanently active corrosion protection and sufficient lubrication can help to avoid costly repairs.
The corrosion inhibitor FLUID FILM forms a permanently active protective film and is extremely resistant to all weather influences.


Aircraft manufacturers must comply with particularly strict guidelines before an aircraft can go into operation. However, this does not include that metal or steel parts are 100% protected against corrosion.  The susceptibility to corrosion also depends on the climate in which an aircraft is operated.
Aircraft must withstand a temperature change between -50°C and + 80°C. Of course, the risk of corrosion is particularly high in a tropical or maritime climate. But even in a less aggressive climate, corrosion can occur. The saltwater-resistant and temperature-stable corrosion inhibitor FLUID FILM provides effective support here. With its resistance to all kinds of weather conditions and excellent lubricity, it is also ideal for use in the aerospace industry.


For decades, major shipping companies, shipping lines and marines worldwide have relied on the professional rust protection of FLUID FILM products, which has been tried and tested for over 60 years.

Whether for the maintenance of machine parts and moving devices, wire ropes or in ballast water tanks as a repair coating, the advantages of the solvent-free wool-fat based products come into their own.

Recreational Boating

In sports rafting there are many points of attack for corrosion. So all metal parts, such as screws and nuts, outboard motors or anchor winches, but also wire ropes are exposed to the highly corrosive atmosphere of fresh or salt water and oxygen mercilessly.

Effective corrosion protection can prevent this and prevent the worst. FLUID FILM forms an oxygen-blocking layer and thus a secure protection against rust.


Wind turbines represent a particular challenge for corrosion protection. The corrosion load in a mostly saline, humid or contaminated environment is extreme. Without the appropriate corrosion protection, this can lead to the uncontrolled destruction of the thread, e.g. in the case of screw connections, and thus endanger operational safety.

FLUID FILM has long been successfully used on locking screws, gear fits, gears and other metal parts for lubrication and rust protection.


Equipment used in winter is particularly vulnerable due to the climate at this time of year. Harsh weather and road salts attack metals and electrical connections.
Vehicles travelling on scattered roads are permanently exposed to highly corrosive chemicals that are used to secure the road.