MASTO – WIRE Rope lubricator

The solution for abrasion and corrosion of ropes and cables

MASTO Drahtseilschmiergeraet


  • Offshore
  • Navigation
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Power stations
  • Road construction
  • ICE train washes
  • Ski lifts


The high static and dynamic loads on the ropes and cables require high-quality corrosion protection through a process that leads to filling of the gussets between the individual wires of a rope.

The application of wire rope greases by means of brushes, rags, gloves, etc. is not only time-consuming, but also does not guarantee the penetration of the lubricant into the pores, craters and bubbles between the gussets.
A well-executed lubrication should not only reduce the internal friction (between the individual wires and wire layers) of the ropes caused by the load, but also protect against corrosion by penetration of water and pollutants into the rope interior. A correct and for the type of use adapted maintenance lubrication is one of the most important prerequisites for undisturbed rope use and a corresponding rope service life.

MESTRO Anwendungen


A renewal of the lubrication and corrosion protection should be done by injection of a suitable anticorrosive and lubricating wire rope grease, which is applied in a pressure chamber under a pressure of about 25 – 30 bar between the wires and wire layers.

For this purpose, we recommend the use of the wire rope grease FLUID FILM WRO-EP which is used by the US NAVY in many areas. FLUID FILM WRO-EP contains no solvents, which also ensures compatibility with conventional wire rope greases.
Operation after rope lubrication with FLUID FILM WRO-EP can be resumed immediately.

The MASTO lubricating device simultaneously fulfills the function of a scraper of poorly adhering parts of the old coating and impurities during lubrication and preservation. It has been specially developed for the preservation and cleaning of wire ropes with highly viscous wire rope greases.  With lubricants of all viscosities, it penetrates every wire rope of thickness 4 to 76 mm with high pressure, thus extending its service life.


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  • Mobil Oil Uk
  • Bridon
  • Texaco
  • Esso
  • Diamond Offshore Drilmng
  • UK Navy
  • Liebherr
  • Geoteam
  • EON
  • Reederei Nord
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