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Boating – FLUID FILM Battens Down the Hatches on Corrosion

FLUID FILM protects seawater-endangered areas from corrosion

The high effectiveness of FLUID FILM is based on the natural water-repellent properties of lanolin (sheep’s wool fat), which offers reliable protection against rust even in harsh sea climates and extreme weather conditions.

Professional corrosion protection

Salt and fresh water place high demands on corrosion protection, which should have a long-lasting effect in the maritime and shipping industry.

“Ballast water tanks, on-board equipment, cell guides, wire ropes, engine room and all exposed metal parts are targets for moisture and salt.”

FLUID FILM creates an airtight shield that safeguards metals in the most corrosive of atmospheres. It is permanently active, does not resinify, displaces moisture and penetrates even into old coatings and rust without hardening and evaporation. FLUID FILM leaves an expansive protective film that is highly resistant to wash off by salt and fresh water.

Application in the boating industry – examples


FLUID FILM protects all electrical connections of lighting systems, suspension leaf springs and spring hangers, hull rollers (bearings or bushings), hitch coupling connections, height adjusters, winch and any exposed metal.


FLUID FILM is non-conductive and will not harm electrical connections. Make sure that connections are made before applying FLUID FILM. Will protect both the fuse block and the end connectors.


Lightly coat to protect from salt spray. FLUID FILM lubricates screws, bearings, cogs, drag washers and can be used as a protective coating.

FLUID FILM has proven itself for over 70 years in heavy corrosion protection on seagoing vessels and docks in ballast water tanks, empty cells and the preservation of wire ropes. Its suitability for use in boating industry is therefore beyond question.


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FLUID FILM in boating

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VISCOSITY: low-medium (eg. like ketchup) |
DURATION: ca. 8 years (in closed cavities) |
PROCESSING: with conventional compressed air systems to heat the material to about 25 ° C or with airless systems

Fluid Film WRO-EP


FLUID FILM WRO-EP Fluid Film | Industry | Agriculture | Truck | Aerospace | Shipping | Recreational boating | Wind turbines | Winter service VISCOSITY: very high (e.g. ike hard butter)CREEP ABILITY: +PROTECTION PERIOD: approx. 30 Years (in closed cavities)PROCESSING: Wire rope lubricator or brush / roller / wool gloveMILITARY APPROVAL: MIL-G-18458B (SH) FLUID FILM WRO-EP – […]