Korrosionsschutz in der Landwirtschaft




FLUID FILM – the permanently active rust protection

The FLUID FILM products, which are based on wool-wax, form a soft coating that offers long-term corrosion protection. Since they do not contain any solvents, they stand out from conventional corrosion inhibitors due to their environmental friendliness.

Thanks to their penetration and creep properties, they do not only protect against new rust formation, but also stop the old rust. Depending on their viscosities, the FLUID FILM products enable a wide range of applications in different areas.

FLUID FILM has long proven itself as a high-quality corrosion protection product in shipping, the automotive industry, agriculture and aviation, to name but a few.

FLUID FILM Korrosionsschutz Produkte

FLUID FILM – From the idea to the successful product

When the U.S. Navy needed to conquer the costs and delays of battling against rust and corrosion in the ballast water tanks of its thousands of combat and support vessels during World War II, an innovative chemist invented a powerful weapon based on an unusual raw material: lanolin (wool wax).

The savings were immediate. The costs for welding and painting work have been significantly reduced. The new film penetrated corrosion and rust quickly. The application was simple. The protective measure was long-lasting and economical. The weapon in question was called FLUID FILM.

Produced since 1943 by EUREKA CHEMICAL COMPANY in a variety of user-friendly forms and introduced in 1953, the company continues as a family-owned business managed by the descendants of the inventor.

From its first use at sea in the 40s, FLUID FILM has been proved itself in some of the most severe conditions: in industry, agriculture or even in space shuttle. It has been modified over time to adapt it to the environment and application conditions.