Fluid Film WRO-EP

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VISCOSITY: very high (e.g. ike hard butter)
PROTECTION PERIOD: approx. 30 Years (in closed cavities)
PROCESSING: Wire rope lubricator or brush / roller / wool glove

FLUID FILM WRO-EP – The solvent-free preservative produced on a wool grease basis offers high-quality corrosion protection for all conditions. It contains anti-aging agents, antioxidants, inhibitors, wetting agents and additives to increase lubricating compressive strength.

It is suitable as a permanently active corrosion protection for wire ropes and screw connections under extreme loads.

FLUID FILM WRO-EP can be used at temperatures from – 45°C up to + 96°C, under extreme pressure conditions. Due to the very high viscosity, this product can only be used to a limited extent as a top coat, but as a strong film-forming material, it is ideally suited as a top coat for sealing and enveloping the rope spandrels and individual wires.

Liquid A can be used for deep penetration.

Surface Preparation

In the case of new wire ropes, the surface should be largely freed from the stranding agent before FLUID FILM WRO-EP is applied. The stranding agent need not be removed from the spandrels between the individual wires.

If well-adhering old coatings are to be retained on used ropes, they must be examined for their functionality; these include, in particular, the adhesion as well as the degree of underrusting and infiltration by water. Before applying the top coat, foreign layers (impurities) must be removed. Damaged areas must be mechanically derusted, at least to the standard purity grade St 1 according to SIS (loose rust), and applied with a base coat. Poorly adhering parts of old coatings should be removed by brushing or with the help of the MASTO wire rope lubrication device.


Apply with hard brushes, rags, sheep’s wool gloves or leather cones.

For long-term protection, a target layer thickness of the top coat of at least 800 μm is required. However, the material can be applied up to 3 mm, whereby it still has a high mechanical strength and a high adhesion. The most effective way is to inject FLUID FILM WRO-EP with the MASTO wire rope lubrication device.


  • Solvent-free, therefore less environmental impact during handling
  • Very high resistance and durability against saltwater and chemicals
  • Temperature-stable from -45°C up to 110°C
  • High mechanical strength, superior adhesiveness under extreme climatic conditions
  • Excellent wear protection respectively EP compounds
  • Economical in application and uncomplicated in handling. In one step a coating of up to 3.000 µm can be applied.
  • 1-component product with 98 % solids content


  • 17.6 litre pail
  • 208 litre drum

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FLUID FILM in action at Mercedes