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VISCOSITY: medium (eg. like honey)
DURATION: ca. 15 ears (in closed cavities)
PROCESSING: with conventional compressed air systems to heat the material to approximately 45 °C or with airless systems

FLUID FILM Liquid AR is a transparent, solvent-free, physiologically harmless soft single-layer corrosion protection coating based on lanolin.


FLUID FILM Liquid AR is mainly used in ballast water tanks, void cells, coffer dams and similarly stressed areas where due to cost reasons a pure substrate treatment by sandblasting cannot be provided.

It is also particularly suitable as long-term rust protection for cavities or as corrosion protection of steel parts and other metal parts during transport, storage and processing in production.

Surface Preparation

With conventional processing using sprayers, brushes or rollers for corrosion protection measures, FLUID FILM Liquid AR can be used on dry or damp, bare or rusty surfaces that need to be protected against salt water and any weather conditions.

FLUID FILM Liquid AR can be used as a rust remover and at the same time as a corrosion inhibitor. For economic reasons, however, we recommend that loose dirt such as rust and old coating parts are removed by high-pressure washing. Before coating, the sludge from the bottom of the tank should also be removed. The surface may be moist, but must be free from surface water.


The effectiveness of a protection system depends, among other things, on its layer thickness. It is to be selected according to the given stress and the service life of the object. We recommend a target layer thickness of over 500 μm for ballast water tanks, as a large part of the coating saturates the existing rust with the porous and rough nature of an old tank.


  • solvent-free and physiologically harmless during processing, greater safety in operation
  • economical to use and uncomplicated handling. In one operation step, between 200 – 800 μm can be applied (by airless spraying).
  • can be sprayed with standard airless devices (compressing over 22:1). Application is possible by means of brushes, rollers or compressed air spraying
  • simplified handling when spraying with lances, which in the majority of cases make the installation of a scaffold superfluous.
  • 1-component – product with excellent adhesion even on damp surfaces and old coatings.
  • penetrates excellently thick layers of rust – blasting work can be dispensed with.
  • If FLUID FILM Liquid AR has been used as a rust remover, regular repair work or renewal coatings can only be carried out immediately with FLUID FILM products after removal of all loose soiling.


  • 1 litre plastic tin
  • 5 litre canister
  • 20 litre canister
  • 208 litre drum


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